About the Center for Consumer Recovery

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity that focuses on the cuases of-and solutions for-delinquent debt in America. To do that, we offer consumers a range of free services:

  • Negotiate with creditors for repayment plans and settlements.
  • Provide resume services, application assistance, and interview rehearsals to find a new job or upgrade an existing job.
  • Identify local public and private social-service agencies to cover short-term needs for housing, medical care, education, and many more services.
  • Provide access to free money-management tools and educational resources.
  • Provide access to low-cost financial services and products.
  • Encourage consumers to vote and engage in civic debate.

Our unique funding model utilizes donations of delinquent debt to CCR (banks, hospitals, and other creditors)

Our Vision

To change millions of families' lives by reducing their delinquent debt to achieve financial and economic stability.

Our Mission

To build more stable families through reduction of financial stress:

  • Stable families experience lower rates of spousal and child abuse.
  • Stable families produce better health and educational outcomes for children.

Our Goals

To grow a self-sustaining non-profit public charity that:

  • Provides financial remediation services to consumers in financial stress.
  • Provides funding for scholarships and debt elimination programs that train more nurses to care for an aging population.
  • Provides funding for Member urgent care programs that makes more reasonably priced health care available.
  • Promotes financial literacy programs and financial inclusion programs
  • Promotes higher rates of participation in our elections.
  • Promotes use of health care delivery channels with lower cost and better outcomes.

Our Principles

  • Only after helping a consumer achieve financial stability do we ask for a payment plan on our debt.
  • All CCR payment plans are based on the consumer's ability to repay.
  • We never use litigation as a method of collection for any debt.
  • We never charge interest on any debt.
  • We never attempt to collect debts that are time-barred by a statute of limitation or included in a bankruptcy filing.
  • We help consumers improve FICO scores and debt-to-income ratios.
  • CCR subcontractors are subject to rigorous oversight and are required to maintain strict compliance with state and federal law.
  • CCR subcontractors are selected through a formal competitive selection process
  • Potential subcontractors, who in the past five years, been sanctioned by or entered into a consent order with the FTC or CFPB are barred from being a subcontractor.

All Services are Free

All of our services are available to you FREE of cost. No fees or charges of any kind.

There is never a cost to you to work with us or our service agencies. To assure the highest level of service for you, we have engaged Merit Consumer Services, a professional consumer support services company, to provide assistance to you. We are responsible for all charges for Merit’s services and there is never a cost to you!