About the Center for Consumer Recovery

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity that focuses on the causes of-and solutions for-delinquent debt in America. To do that, we offer consumers a range of free services:

  • Negotiate with creditors for repayment plans and settlements.
  • Provide resume services, application assistance, and interview rehearsals to find a new job or upgrade an existing job.
  • Identify local public and private social-service agencies to cover short-term needs for housing, medical care, education, and many more services.
  • Provide access to free money-management tools and educational resources.
  • Provide access to low-cost financial services and products.
  • Encourage consumers to vote and engage in civic debate.

Our unique funding model utilizes donations of delinquent debt to CCR (banks, hospitals, and other creditors)


Through our efforts, actions and initiatives, we will bring lasting benefit to our customers, communities, and donors. Our vision drives our focus on continual improvement and innovation.


To change lives by helping our customers become debt free and increase disposable income. Improving family stability will foster better health outcomes and educational achievements for children. Our mission improves communities.

Core Values

  • Integrity - We operate with unyielding integrity and adhere to a stringent code of business conduct.
  • Compassion - Achievement of goals for our communities and customers depends as much on what is in our hearts, as in our heads.
  • Communities - We give back to the communities in which our donors and customers live through investments made from our Community Investment Fund.
  • Performance - We strive to continually raise our level of service to customers and community. Each and every day, we measure ourselves by the positive impact we make.
  • Transparency - We act in a manner that is transparent. This is the guiding principle for every decision we make.
  • People - We value each member of our team. We set high expectations of conduct and performance. Our people and how they perform are key to implementing our mission.
  • Celebration - We enjoy the difference we make in the lives of customers and enthusiastically celebrate their success.

All Services are Free

All of our services are available to you FREE of cost. No fees or charges of any kind.

There is never a cost to you to work with us or our service agencies. To assure the highest level of service for you, we have engaged Merit Consumer Services, a professional consumer support services company, to provide assistance to you. We are responsible for all charges for Merit’s services and there is never a cost to you!