Debt Negotiation

When you’re struggling to make ends meet, few things are as debilitating as the constant barrage of calls from creditors.

We can work with your creditors and stop most collection calls.

Our professionals will contact your creditors and negotiate with them to get you a discounted settlement or payment plan that will better fit your budget.

Call us toll free at 877.772.0951.

The Center for Consumer Recovery will

  • Stop most collection calls so that you can have peace of mind
  • Negotiate with all of your creditors to:
    • Stop interest charges
    • Stop payment due dates – forbearance
    • Stop negative credit reporting

All Services are Free

All of our services are available to you FREE of cost. No fees or charges of any kind.

There is never a cost to you to work with us or our service agencies. To assure the highest level of service for you, we have engaged Merit Consumer Services, a professional consumer support services company, to provide assistance to you. We are responsible for all charges for Merit’s services and there is never a cost to you!

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