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CCR recognizes the importance of not only providing high-quality personal financial guidance to those who need it, but of also being a leader in advancing the cause of financial literacy. Through advocacy and research The Center for Consumer Recovery, is in the forefront of a movement to make financial literacy and sound money management a universal skill.

Dealing with Financial Challenges

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Browse by money topic to find answers to commonly-asked financial questions. Learn the basics, understand key terms, and find ways to take action when you have a financial issue.

Debt Collections Problems

Debt collection issues can be challenging. You don't have to face them alone.

We can work with your creditors and stop most collection calls.

Our professionals will contact your creditors and negotiate with them to get you a discounted settlement or payment plan that will better fit your budget.

Call us toll free at 877.772.0951.

The Center for Consumer Recovery will

  • Stop most collection calls so that you can have peace of mind.
  • Negotiate with all of your creditors to:
  • • Stop interest charges

    • Stop payment due dates – forbearance

    • Stop negative credit reporting

All Services are Free

All of our services are available to you FREE of cost. No fees or charges of any kind.

There is never a cost to you to work with us or our service agencies. To assure the highest level of service for you, we have engaged Merit Consumer Services, a professional consumer support services company, to provide assistance to you. We are responsible for all the charges for Merit's services and there is never a cost to you!

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Looking for a New or Better Job?

For most of our clients, finding a job – or getting a better job – is the single biggest action they can do to turn around their financial situation. That’s why we’re here to help.

Our team of employment professionals is standing by ready to help you.

The Center for Consumer Recovery will

  • Create a custom resume for you
  • Give you assistance filling out job applications
  • Assist you in arranging interviews
  • Submit your application to recruiters, websites and job boards
  • Work with you to find a career, not just a job

Connection with State and National Social Service Providers

CCR has built an extensive network of charities and government entities across the United States. CCR has worked with over 6,000 organizations to make sure we can find a solution to your needs.

The Center for Consumer Recovery will

We work with you one on one to get answers. We will fill out applications for help, we will make all of the phone calls and arrangements to get help for you. We want to make your recovery as seamless as possible. Let us do the heavy lifting while we help you recover.

Let us find:

  • Food Stamp Benefits
  • Free Prescription Discounts
  • Discounted Child Care
  • Utility Assistance Programs
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