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CCR recognizes the importance of not only providing high-quality personal financial guidance to those who need it, but of also being a leader in advancing the cause of financial literacy in our schools. Through advocacy and research The Center for Consumer Recovery, is in the forefront of a movement to make financial literacy and sound money management a universal skill.

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Often time’s job seekers don't have all of the information needed for an application. Some applications are never finished due to lack of information. CCR has put together a comprehensive application for you to fill out. Hopefully by filling in this application, you will have all of your employment information in one place that is easily obtainable.

CCR can help you fill in your application as well as keep a copy on file. Once we have a copy of the application on file we will be able to fill out applications for you.

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Letter to creditors

We've posted five action letters created by the CFPB (www.cfpb.gov) that consumers can consider using when replying to debt collectors:

1. You need more information about the debt

The first letter is for consumers who need more information about a debt the collector has told them they owe.

The letter also states that you are disputing the charges until the debt collector answers specific questions about what is owed.

This letter may be useful, for example, if you do not immediately recognize the debt as yours or if you want to find out more about the debt before you pay it.

2. You want to dispute the debt and tell the debt collector to provide proof of the debt.

This letter tells the collector disputing the debt and instructs the debt collector to stop contacting you until they provide evidence that you are responsible for that debt.

For example, consumers who do not want to discuss the debt until they have additional information verifying the debt might use this template.

3. You want to restrict how and when a debt collector may contact you

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits debt collectors from contacting consumers about a debt at a time or place they should know is inconvenient.

With this letter, you are able to tell the debt collector how you would like to be contacted.

4. You have hired a lawyer

If you have hired a lawyer, generally, the debt collector should be contacting the lawyer instead of you.

This letter template provides a way for you to give the debt collector the lawyer's information and instruct the collector to contact only the lawyer.

5. You want the debt collector to stop any and all contact with you

Consumers have the right to tell a debt collector to stop all communication.

It is important, however, to note that stopping contact from a debt collector does not cancel the debt or prohibit the collector from potentially pursuing other remedies, such as filing a lawsuit.

This letter template could be beneficial if you feel you are being harassed by a collector's communications.

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