It’s Easier to Get Out of Debt
When There’s Less Debt to Get Out Of

When you’re struggling to make ends meet, few things are as debilitating as the constant barrage of calls from creditors.

We will work with your creditors and stop most collection calls.

Our professionals will work directly with your creditors and negotiate the best possible financial solution; one that will fit your budget.

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It’s Called a Government “Safety Net” for a Reason

Over the last 200+ years as a country we’ve learned that at any one time there are members of our society who need a helping hand. This is such a regular occurrence that our government has set up programs to help people through these difficult times and get back to normal life.

These programs include everything from food and medicine to transportation and child care.

The only challenge is knowing how to get it can be confusing. That’s where CCR comes in. Our government program specialists are here to help you get access to the services you need and are eligible to receive.

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Let Us Help You Get a Job

For most of our clients finding a job – or getting a better job – is the single biggest thing they can do to turn around their financial situation. That’s why we’re here to help.

Our team of employment professionals is standing by ready to help you. Our free employment services include:

  • Create a custom resume for you
  • Give you assistance filling out job applications
  • Assist you in arranging interviews
  • Submit your application to recruiters, websites and job boards
  • Work with you to find a career not just a job

Work hard once — so the rest is easy

Often time’s job seekers don't have all of the information needed for an application. Some applications are never finished due to lack of information. CCR can aid you in completing a resume so that you are able to apply for employment.

CCR can help you fill out your job application as well as keep a copy on file.

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Getting a job can be a challenge and few know how to navigate the process better than the CCR specialists. Please let us help you.

Call us toll free at 877.772.0951.

All Services are Free

All of our services are available to you FREE of cost. No fees or charges of any kind.

There is never a cost to you to work with us or our service agencies. To assure the highest level of service for you, we have engaged Merit Consumer Services, a professional consumer support services company, to provide assistance to you. We are responsible for all charges for Merit’s services and there is never a cost to you!