Success Stories

Here are some of the success stories from customers we’ve been able to help:

Jill S.

Bank of America agreed to lower consumers monthly payments...and also reduced the interest rate to 0% for the 12 month period on a balance of $40,000.

Andrew P.

Lives in California, previously unemployed, never paid on his student loans. He owes around $60,000 on his student loans. Andrew stated it was daunting to even think about calling the US Dept. of Education.

Center for Consumer Recovery was able to negotiate a manageable payment for Andrew. When he makes nine consecutive payments of $159, it will reflect as a positive on his credit report.

Andrew has made his first two payments.

Tim U.

Consumer needed a pacemaker and had not visited a doctor in a long while. We were able to point him in the right direction and he has now received a new pacemaker and much needed medication.


Here’s a small sample of the sorts of comments we regularly get from our customers:

Hello and good morning. My name is Janice R.

I’m calling to let you all know that your program is awesome. If people would like to connect with you, all they need to do is call, but I wanted to tell you my personal experience. Kelly was such a lovable and such a caring person that she was able to help me at my time of need. She guided me to a charity who was able to bring out a hot water tank for me. I have been without a hot water tank for three years, three long years and with her help and her kindness and a blessing from the Father upstairs I was able to receive a hot water tank that was installed in my condominium on Friday. I now have hot water.

God is good and I wanted to thank you. The program is awesome and there are beautiful people that you have employed there who are willing to extend and go beyond to help those who are in need.

God bless you and God bless Kelly who is such a lovable person and I thank you all.

In God’s name, Amen

Hi my name is Perry and I worked with The Center for Consumer Recovery. The experience that I had was very professional. The Center for Consumer Recovery obviously worked hard on my behalf, and was able to get my debt to a manageable level.

If I have any friends or acquaintances that get into a bind like I did, I would certainly recommend that they speak with you all.

That is all thank you.

Hi, I just wanted to call and say thank you. I worked with you guys, and I feel so much better about my situation, you all helped me negotiate a better payoff amount on a piece of debt that I was still carrying over from my divorce three years ago that I had kind of ignored because I didn't know how to handle it.

You were kind and really helped me through it and just made me feel better about the whole situation and my stress is gone.

I am so appreciative. And I will definitely tell anybody I know that is in any kind of situation how wonderful your company is.

So, thank you so much.

Hi, this is Devin and I would just like to thank Kelly and the staff at (CCR). They really helped us reduce our debt and allowed us to begin repairing our credit.

They have been awesome to work with, treated us very well and I would highly recommend their company to my friends.

Once again, thank you for your help.