Success Stories

Here are some of the success stories from customers we’ve been able to help:

Jill S.

A large national bank agreed to lower her monthly payments...and also reduced the interest rate to 0% for a 12 month period on a credit card with a balance of $40,000.

Andrew P.

Lives in California, previously unemployed, never made any payments toward his student loans. He owes around $60,000 on his student loans. Andrew stated it was daunting to even think about calling the US Dept. of Education.

Center for Consumer Recovery was able to negotiate a reinstatement plan for Andrew. After nine consecutive payments of $159, Andrew's credit report will reflect a positive payment history on his student loans and all delinquencies will be removed.

Tim U.

Tim needed a pacemaker and had not visited a doctor in a long while. We were able to point him in the right direction to receive free social services and he has now received a new pacemaker and much needed medication.


Here’s a small sample of the sorts of comments we regularly get from our customers:

Nancy - King, North Carolina

I am on disability and the emotional stress that I’ve been enduring has had even more adverse effects on my health. Throughout this process Matt has been so kind and reassuring to me, and quite frankly, he gave me peace and hope in this very unfortunate time of my life.

Mariangeles - Daly City, California

Thank you to your entire organization and what it stands for. Your approach is kind and doesn’t make the customer feel bad or ashamed of their past mistakes. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Cassie - Tulsa, Oklahoma

I have struggled for about the past year, finishing nursing school, went through an ugly divorce. I was unemployed and to my surprise you helped me find a job. I’m forever grateful.

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